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There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your hotel and discovering that you forgot to pack your Universal Travel Adapter or iPhone adapter. The last thing anyone wants to do on a hotel stay, whether is it for business or pleasure, is run out to a store for such an essential item. Guest Valet has solved this all too common hotel guest frustration with our line of universal travel adapters. They can be given complimentary to guests or sold as part of the Minibar selection. Your hotel guests can now unpack, charge and relax.

Traveling means exploring the world with your gadgets, that's why keeping them charged up when you’re traveling overseas, is so crucial. A good travel adapter nowadays is as necessary as your passport. Whether you’re going on honeymoon in the Maldives, traveling to Australia or another new continent, or simply looking for a straightforward European plug adapter for your adventurous trip to Spain, you probably already know that voltage and outlets work a little differently.

So many countries — and even regions within countries have their own electricity standards, and you want to make sure you’ll not end up with your cell phone, tablet, or camera out of order because you’ve headed overseas without an adapter to fit the plug into a differently shaped outlet. That’s why you’ll need an international adapter to plug in one of your devices abroad. Your international plug adapter will connect the appropriate prong style plugged into the socket and your cord from the other side of the adapter.

Don’t let electricity be a mystery to your staff and hotel guests. Guest Valet offers the best on the market charging-wise: travel adapter, plug converter, international power adapter — you name it! We have a universal plug adapter for each type of device and purpose.

In most of the countries (except for the US and Canada) the electrical voltage is 220/240V. This means that the American devices designed for 110/120V are not compatible with the foreign ones. That’s when Guest Valet travel power converter comes in handy. Nobody wants their hair dryer or curling iron to not work during their vacation. Even though many devices nowadays are made “dual voltage,” so they can be used with both 110/120V and 220/240V, you have to browse online or find the instruction sheet it came with to check this information before plugging it in, so you can make sure that your device is allowed to be used safely. That’s why it’s safer to have a combination adapter/converter, or even more convenient — a universal product that handles both functions.

Another question that may come to your mind about outlets is if they are grounded (with 3 holes) or polarized (with 2 different-size holes). Just as electricity standards vary in different countries, so do regulations relating to these safety features that guard against the electric shock. Use an adapter plug that precisely fits your device’s plug on the back and the foreign outlet on the front, and you won’t have to worry about having the greatest possible protection for your device.

There are 15 different electrical outlets used worldwide. Our universal travel adapters will be able to accommodate many or most of the different electrical outlets in the world. Elevate your guest’s stay by offering them our Universal Travel Adapter: Model #: PA/UNIV/BL; PA/UNIV/WH, USB Universal Travel Adapter: Model #:PA/5V/1.5A, US Pin Power Adapter: Model #: PA/US/UNIV/WH or iPhone Adapter: Model #: AD/iPHONE5

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