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Your guests have many questions in their head before visiting a new country. Do you need a USB phone charger or a converter? What about Hertz (Hz) ratings? Does your device support dual voltage? Guest Valet will ensure their electronic devices are charged and ready for use when they travel overseas.From being mapless and completely lost in a new country, to unexpected events like flight delays, missed connections or losing luggage, a person must dive into their travel adventure (or professional trip) well-equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

Can you imagine landing somewhere new to find out that you’re completely unable to charge your phone? Having a reliable cell service, connectivity to your cell phone or laptop is essential nowadays as they’re not just a way to talk to other people, but all-in-one electronic devices containing practically “your whole life”. So many travelers arrive in their hotel, properly check in, only to make their way to the room, and discover that they accidentally left their phone charger at home. We offer the simplest way to solve this problem. If they forgot to pack their charger they don’t have to look for a store nearby to buy a new charger. They can just simply stop by the front desk or look in the minibar or ask for one!

During one trip a person likely uses their phone not only to send text messages, but also for Google Maps as they turn into unfamiliar neighborhoods, listening to music while on the train, or playing games to kill some time while waiting for their flight. All of these activities quickly drain a phone’s battery causing the horror of a dead phone. Guest Valet offers your hotel guests a unique and unforgettable experience while keeping their phone charged and ready to go. We have something for any guest profile, whatever their needs may be, from an iPhone, iPod, iPad, to tablet, any smartphone, Kindle, or camera. Our selection of cell phone chargers including: Universal Cell Phone Charger: Model #: UNICH1005 or UNICH1010, Universal Cell Phone Charger Cable: Model #: UNICH1000 or 12in1RETR/BULK, and 2 in 1 Charger: Model #: UNICH2005 will provide emergency power to Guests’ phone during their whole stay.

Nobody wants to wake up and realize their phone alarm didn’t go off, especially if you had a tour guide booked in the morning or previously scheduled entry time in some museum. We feel your pain and that is why we’ve selected some of the best hotel phone charger options on the market. We understand that keeping your phone fully charged during your trip helps you maintain communication throughout your trip.

Our pro tip is to plug your phone in before going to sleep in your hotel. Starting the day with a fully charged battery is important for comfort, safety, and for remaining perfectly synchronized.

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