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Guest Valet offers a full line of hotel bath and room amenities as well as sleep aids. This includes fully customizable Shaving and Dental Kits to suit every budget. All our personal care amenities from our Triple Blade Razor with Gel Strip to our Body Lotion can be sold separately in bulk. We can also create customized packaging. Ensure that your guests always have the daily essentials they need at their fingertips with our full line of hotel toiletries.

A hotel’s brand image is a representation of its reputation through the ambiance, amenities, and service it offers to every visitor. As hotels refine their brand image, selecting the ideal personal care amenity collection has become a key element of the brand identity. During their stay, your guests will expect complementary single-use personal care amenities. The right selection ensures that they feel welcomed, and walk away feeling rested and refreshed. The personal care amenities you choose in your hotels or resorts will impact their level of comfort and their overall experience.

High-quality personal care amenities reflect the very essence of your property — the image, the vibe, and the guests’ satisfaction. The success of Guest Valet comes down to leaving the right impression on all your visitors. Premium guest supplies, elite customer service, commitment to your business, and our concern for the environment makes us the ideal trusted
partner for your guests. 

Guest Valet is a leading worldwide supplier of personal care amenities and hotel toiletries within the wholesale luxury hospitality industry. We help hotels, resorts, inns, B&B, and vacation rentals exceed guests' expectations! We understand that in the luxury hospitality industry, the little things can go a long way. Our hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and assorted bath amenities are created to add an upscale touch to your property that will leave guests super clean, smelling great, while enjoying their stay in comfort. Also included in our collections are dental and shaving kits, and other hotel room amenities that will ensure memorable guest experiences.

The exclusive collection of Guest Valet personal care amenities combines high-quality product formulas with beautifully designed packaging that will surely impress your guests. Our collection of luxury hotel supplies for personal care includes travel size shampoo, conditioner, mini guest soap, shower gel, lotion, dental kit with foldable toothbrush and toothpaste, hotel comb, shaving kit with triple or dual blade razor and shaving cream, as well as super soft foam earplugs and hotel sleep mask. Each product represents the ultimate comfort and luxury. All toiletries are soft on the skin and hair, and formulated with subtle fragrances that will leave your guests to enjoy in comfort and ease! The bath amenity collection was created having the key lifestyle trends in our mind, as well as the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. This is the easiest way to treat your guest, your property and yourself to the best and at reasonable prices!

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality personal care amenities supplier, look no further. Our guest toiletries designs are inspired by a simple concept and minimalist aesthetic that reflects the style of your luxury property. We believe that the only constant in the ever-evolving luxury hospitality business is 'change', and the key to success is consistently reinventing yourself to attract luxury guests and convert them to return customers. Guests with sophisticated needs expect to be pampered with superb personal care amenities.

Choose Guest Valet as your amenity brand to enhance the guests' experience that will result in loyal customers
and repeated visits. 

All Our Luxury Hotel Amenities

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