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Guest Valet is proud to be a women owned company. We have been serving the hospitality industry since 2008 using our unique expertise to deliver essential hotel guest amenities such as the growing need for universal travel adapters and cell phone chargers in addition to more typical hotel bath and room guest amenities. Guest Valet supplies over 500 hotels nationwide with wholesale hospitality amenities.


We offer niche, as well as ‘every day’ essential products to hotel guests during their travels. Our hospitality amenities may be offered through mini bar, marketing department, front desk, concierge, or supplied through housekeeping. We pride ourselves on offering quality service, at the lowest prices, for premium products. Our inventory is imported directly, allowing us to keep a wide variety of options in stock, in order to fulfill your guests’ every need. No customer is too big or too small. We pledge to give our undivided attention to each and every customer, as if they were our first.

Let us help you find the perfect blend of luxury hotel amenities that will bring your brand and your guests a unique experience. The delightful impression our amenities will make on your guests will contribute to lifelong, positive memories of their stay. Our focus is offering luxury hotel amenities that will elevate your guests’ satisfaction to a new level of refinement.

As quality hospitality amenities suppliers, we set the standard in luxury hotel amenities, not only because of our superb range of products but also because of our unmatched service. We stock only the very best quality hotel amenities and ship your product when you need it no matter where you are located, ensuring your luxury hotel amenities are delivered safely and at minimal cost. Our team of highly skilled professionals knows the hospitality business inside and out. They are ready to apply their expertise to your operations.

Guest Valet tells a story. A story of your brand that leaves an image your hotel is seeking to create for your guests. Browse the list of all our luxury hotel amenities that will give your guests a truly immersive experience.

The top quality product formulas that you can find at Guest Valet are not only distinctive but also are beautifully presented. The design is simple and clean, ensuring that all customers are delighted, feeling fresh, neat, and flawless during their whole stay. If you’re searching for high-quality yet affordable bath amenities with pure aromas which naturally energize and motivate mind and body, Guest Valet has you covered. Not only that our fresh scented personal care products appeal to both men and women, but they target the eco-conscious traveler too. Our proven exceptional product performance is based on our leadership and responsibility in the world of hospitality.

More than just toiletries, we offer a wide range of amenities: dental and shaving kits, universal travel adapters, and anything from soft earplugs to hotel combs. We can easily serve as a trusted sole supplier for your luxury accommodation. Choose from a broad range of carefully selected guest amenities that you need for the ultimate comfort and style of your hotel. Guest Valet is where leisure meets the wisdom of budget management. We will offer you a great price without sacrificing any
comfort and quality.

Everything your guests need for luxury pampering is available right here in our online catalog.

Do you need other hotel supplies that are not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

All Our Luxury Hotel Amenities

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