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We are a leading luxury hotel guest amenities supplier. Guest Valet supplies hotels with unique hotel guest amenities such as universal travel adapters, cell phone chargers and luxury hotel bath amenities. These essential products can be sold in minibars or given complimentary to hotel guests. Whether you are purchasing wholesale hotel supplies and hotel toiletries for a five-star resort, a small bed and breakfast, or a large hotel brand, Guest Valet can meet all your guest’s needs.



At Guest Valet we are committed to delivering unique products that your guests will appreciate. One of the most frustrating pain points when traveling is not being able to connect and charge in this digital world. We discovered that misplacing chargers and travel adapters is an extremely common occurrence among hotel guests. That is why we designed a whole line of electronic hotel guest amenities. With a line ranging from universal travel adapters to cell phone chargers, Guest Valet ensures your guest always feel connected.

Superior Service

Working with numerous clients over the years we understand that service and reliability are paramount when choosing your partners. Guest Valet prides itself in providing the best service in the industry. Our fulfillment practices at Guest Valet are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. As a luxury hotel amenity supplier we recognize the importance of creating outstanding experiences and high rates of customer satisfaction. For this reason we supply a large selection of brands and products for you to choose from, giving you the ability to cater to your consumer’s preferences, and customize your guest’s hotel experience.



Sine 2010 Guest Valet has distributed hotel guest amenities directly to quality resorts, hotels and lodging establishments for the comfort and convenience of their guests. Our products and services exceed the high standards that premium hotels, resorts, inns, and bed and breakfasts expect for their guests. At Guest Valet we have always focused solely on the hospitality industry, designing, producing, and marketing a broad range of personal care products, and guest room amenities.



Because of our commitment to building brand loyalty for our clients and ourselves Guest Valet strives to give exemplary service to each of our clients.. Guest Valet is a reliable, trusted fulfillment partner who is committed to delivering customized service.



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Our Speciality

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Impress your guests with the highest-quality luxury hotel supplies from Guest Valet and give them a stylish and warm welcome. We believe in a fresh and minimal approach to design with the simple concept of providing hotel room products that we would offer guests in our own home. Check out our unique selection of personal care amenities, bathroom amenities, as well as universal travel adapters, cell phone chargers and more. If you need other hotel supplies, please don’t hesitate to
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Who We Are

Guest Valet’s history carries an 8 year old tradition of providing products within the wholesale hospitality industry. We stock and supply the highest quality hospitality amenities on the market, focusing on a commitment to brand excellence. Our broad range of personal care products and guest room amenities improve guest satisfaction, as well as the health and wellbeing of your staff and guests. Our background as hotel amenities suppliers encompasses over 500 hotels of different sizes nationwide. This experience enables us to provide added value to the relations we have with our partners and clients. Our current client list includes urban hotels, five-star resorts, boutique hotels, and small bed and breakfast properties. As a supplier of hotel amenities, we recognize the importance of having outstanding relationships with our clients, and we are thankful for having them as indispensable partners. We believe that the strength of these partnerships is a major determining factor in the success of our business as a whole. Luxury hotel supplies and toiletry products at Guest Valet range from luxury hotel bathroom products, shaving kits, and dental kits, to universal plug adapters, international power adapters and travel power converters including hotel phone chargers, USB phone chargers, and many others. Elevate your guest’s stay by adding our luxury amenities and toiletries for their ultimate customer experience today.


Our Story

Proud to be a women-owned company, Guest Valet was founded in 2010, and over the years, it has become a benchmark of the amenities sector among reputable hotels worldwide. One of the distinguishing marks of Guest Valet is our commitment to quality products, such as fresh scented hotel soap, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Guest Valet helps hotels and businesses create a luxurious appearance in order to offer its guests a unique and unforgettable experience. For over 8 years we have been a leader amongst luxury hotel amenities suppliers, specialized in manufacturing and distributing high-quality amenities, hospitality products and accessories including everything from hotel sleep masks, to cell phone chargers, dental kits, travel shaving kits, hotel soaps and shampoos and all types of hotel size toiletries.


Our Mission

Designing, producing and marketing a broad range of personal care products, and guest room amenities are our distinguishing mark. At Guest Valet we are focused on continuous learning, hard-earned experience, and advances in technology. We believe in the purpose of the hospitality industry, and our aim is to provide the best service in the field.

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